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Aquismart has developed a unique approach to turn around unsatisfactory performance at its clients through the following process:

  • Prepare

    In the prepare phase, high level analysis tools, workshops and think tanks are utilised in order to determine the high level targets and opportunities. The Aquismart team will be provided with some targets that need to be achieved.
  • Establish foundation

    In this phase, workshops, interviews and plan development tools are utilised in order to generate the guidelines, final project deliverables, resource requirements and communication structures for the project. One of the more important outcomes of this phase is to generate an understanding of the requirements and outcomes of the project throughout the organisation.
  • Research and analysis

    One of the cornerstones of the “PERFORM” process is an understanding of the current processes and how different they are to the results expected. Analytical processes, research and benchmarking are utilised in order to determine the base case and the gap analysis for the opportunities.
  • Finding solutions

    This phase focuses on opportunity identification and analyses and utilises value models, workshops and performance systems to generate the targets and the key performance indicators. One of the critical steps in this phase is the management sign-off of the opportunities.
  • Outcome generation

    Project plan development, risk analysis tools and capability building sessions are the tools that are utilised in order to generate detailed project plans, risk registers and training programmes relating to the opportunities identified.
  • Realisation

    This phase focuses on the implementation of the opportunities and the realisation of the benefits. Project and change management processes are utilised in order to achieve the benefits.
  • Monitor and review

    In this phase, focus is placed on the monitoring and review of the project implementation and the realisation of the benefits. Tracking tools and project audits are utilised in order to ensure that the project has been delivered successfully.