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About Aquismart

Aquismart was established in 2005 by four entrepreneurs with two main objectives:

  • Building a sustainable investment portfolio
  • Establishing a world class international business consultancy

In its first three years the company focused mainly on investment opportunities and acquired property and other interests in South Africa. In 2007 the founding members of the company started the consulting leg of the business which is highly successful in supplying a value added service to their clients.

Gold One
(Previously Aflease Gold)
  • Turn around
  • Management Information Systems
  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Recruiting
  • Interim Financial Management
Bokoni Platinum Mine
(Previously Lebowa Platinum Mine)
  • Canadian Reporting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Financial Accounting
  • Mining & Deferred Taxation
Central Rand Gold 
through DMAS SA

  • Valuations
  • Accounts payable improvement
  • Recruitment

We believe in adding value to our clients by improving their long term profitability and performance through creating successful partnerships with them.

Aquismart has developed a unique approach to turn around unsatisfactory performance at its clients through the following process:

Aquismart is headed up by three specialists with a combined level of experience of over sixty years in general management, financial management, recruitment and business consulting, specifically in the mining industry.

Meet the people behind Aquismart (Pty) Ltd.