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AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES are passionate about making people issues work for the organisation by integrating Human Capital strategies, policies, and procedures with the organisation’s vision and business practices.

The Organisational Effectiveness and Human Capital services offered by AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES include:

1. Strategic Design and Alignment

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES’ assists organisations to define and execute an effective HR Strategy, as well as develop services and capabilities that today's organisations need to survive and grow. We define Human Capital value through understanding the Business Strategy and then defining and aligning the HR Strategy. We deliver value through ensuring that you have the right HR service delivery model for your organisation, establishing the right HR capabilities, improving HR operational excellence continuously, building the HR brand and measuring the impact of the HR products and services.

2. Providing Job Profiling

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES studies the roles and responsibilities within the organisation and designs relevant and unique job profiles. These job profiles form the benchmark against which labour planning, assessment, training as well as performance management take place.

3. Performance Management

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES supports organisations in designing systems and processes to manage and monitor individual and team performance, which has a direct link to increased output and productivity.

4. Talent/ Sucession Management

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES can assist the organisation with the design and implementation of strategies to attract, recruit retain and develop talented people. This is done through the application of various tools, systems and processes which will promote a culture that respects and harnesses the richness of different ideas, cultures and viewpoints, which is a key ingredient in the long term success of the business.

5. Designing a competency based framework

Through an in-depth study of the organization, AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES defines a unique competency framework against which all position and responsibilities within the organization can be understood. Such a framework forms a basic structure against which all HR processes is managed. A competency framework can complement most existing HR systems and can add value to a Balanced Scorecard Approach.

6. Conducting Assessment

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES provides psychological and competence-based assessment across different levels in the organisation by applying objective, accurate, reliable, valid and cost effective assessment tools.

7. Development and training

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES is able to identify the gaps in terms of individual and team development and assist with various training and development models.