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Employee Solutions


AS Employee Solutions have been successful in placing candidates at clients for the last four years. We understand the importance of matching the right candidate with the client's culture and skills need and therefore we focus on finding the right skills and personality to match the client's needs. Our business growth has been based on our ability to find the right solution for the client. The AS Employee Solution team is qualified and available to help you with permanent placements, short term contracted employees and interim management solutions.

Turnaround Management

Aquismart has been successful in the turnaround of business at the following companies by utilising its proven PERFORM process of improvement:

  • Gold One
  • Cooke operations
  • Debeers
  • Namdeb

Tax Advice

Aquismart offers tax advice and support to a number of clients with respect to:

  • Business structuring
  • Tax structuring
  • Estate planning
  • Tax, VAT submissions
  • Tax objections
  • Provisional tax submission

AQUISMART HUMAN CAPITAL SERVICES are passionate about making people issues work for the organisation by integrating Human Capital strategies, policies, and procedures with the organisation’s vision and business practices.


Aquismart employs experts in financial services in the mining industry as consultants.  These consultants have combined experience in excess of 50 years in mining financial management.  This allows Aquismart to provide the best possible service to their clients in the following areas:

  • Financial analysis – per panel/ level or area of a shaft
  • Business analysis – per company or per operation
  • Business planning systems
  • Operational planning systems
  • Optimization systems