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Aquismart was established in 2005 by four entrepreneurs with two main objectives:

  • Building a sustainable investment portfolio
  • Establishing a world class international business consultancy

In its first three years the company focused mainly on investment opportunities and acquired property and other interests in South Africa. In 2007 the founding members of the company started the consulting leg of the business which is highly successful in supplying a value added service to their clients.

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In 2009 the company incorporated a financial accounting services business.  This business was given a new injection in 2012 with the merger with another financial accounting and audit services business.

In 2011 the company also started a recruitment business focussing on the placement of permanent and temporary staff at clients. The success of this business has contributed to the overall success of the company over the last year.
The company’s client base has grown significantly and by the end of 2012, comprised of clients spanning across nine countries and three continents respectively.

The company has excelled by adding value to its clients in the form of improving long term profitability and performance and in the process has created lasting partnerships with each client. Aquismart prides itself in supplying highly skilled consultants to its clients and ensuring that it delivers on its projects.

In 2013 the company acquired a stake in a prospective gemstone mine in Malawi.  The company has completed a exploration phase in January 2013 and is currently busy with the valuation phase of the mine.  Aquismart has also taken management control of the mining operations of the mine.

Aquismart’s primary focus when providing services to its clients is to improve the performance of the client’s employees as well as the client’s organization as a whole.