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The small town of Mzimba in Malawi has become the focus of a gemtone and mineral exploration project by Aquismart.

Aquismart was approached in November 2012 by a Mr Kamphinda Nyasulu, an Engineer from Malawi to look at the potential of the mine and orebody. Aquismart then put a team together for a site visit to Malawi in that month, the team included Syd Caddy, a Mining Engineer and Dave Whittaker, a Geologist, to accompany the Aquismart team to the site for a initial inspection and analysis of the site and potential of the ore body.

The project was started in January 2013 as an exploration project with the identification of the product and potential other gemstone products on the site. Within the first month we had opened up the original pit to 15m below surface and stripped open a 60m long trench along the identified pegmatite orebody.  This exposed 13,500 tons of available orebody suitable for performing a bulk sample program in order to prove up a feasibility on the site and ultimaltey start mining with the objective of extracting quality Aquamarine gemstones for sale to the jewelry market.

In September 2013 Natural Gems and Mining Company Limited was registered in Malawi as the mine operating company holding the Mining Claim licence for the exploration and mining activities currently ongoing. Included is a Non Exclusive Prospecting Licence  which permits Natural Gems to prospect for seven primary resource products throughout Malawi. Included in these products are Gold, Diamonds, Aquamarine and Ruby’s.

On the 17 Sepember 2013 Aquismart aquired 70% controlling ownership in Natural Gems and is currently finishing off the bulk sampling program on the Aquamarine Mine in Mzimba to establish a bankable feasibility in order to raise capital to begin the mining program.

Further to this Aquismart will start pegging out other potential sites for prospecting under the Prospecting licence for particulaly Aquamarine, Ruby and Gold sites.